Monday, March 28, 2011


So.... remember my post about the Kanga Care promotion? It was AWESOME.

The total fan count at 3pm MST was 3,813 fans!! That equaled a $38.13 discount off of an order $80 or more. That's an almost 50% discount! How often does that come around?

However, some people were upset and complaining that they couldnt' afford the $42 out of pocket and couldn't take advantage of the promo code. So, being awesome, Kanga Care created a 2nd promo offer - $19.06 off of a $40 order! They just halved the 2 amounts. Thankfully Ben said that I could take advantage of this one!

So here's what I ordered...

A 2-pack of Lil' Joeys newborn diapers in Root Beer & Platinum - $29.95
A 10-pack of stay-dry fleece liners - $10.00

Which put my order at $39.95 - a few cents short! I looked around the site a bit, and found the perfect thing - 1 internet cheapie pregnancy test for 0.55, bringing my order up to $40.50.

I applied the promo code, which took off $19.06, and my total was now $21.44 - add in $2.41 shipping, and my total was only $23.85! That's like getting a 20% discount on the Lil Joeys, and getting the liners, the pregnancy test, and the shipping all for free! Wooo hooo!!!

Just wanted to share my great deal cuz I know I'm not the only one who likes a bargain! :D


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