Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kanga-Care HUGE Promotion!

Kanga Care is having a Promotion today, for every Fan they have they will discount $0.01 off a purchase on their website

Kang Care is most known for making Rump-A-Rooz one-size diapers:

And Lil Joey's:

And the new Rump-A-Rooz one-size covers, and Newborn/Preemie covers:

They also have wetbags, diaper pail liners, chaning pads, and more!

So far they have 3,590 fans which means $35.90 discount off your purchase! Go 'Like' their facebook page by 3pm MST to help increase this discount! :)

At 6pm MST, they will release a discount code. There will most likely be a mimium required  out of pocket spending amount - but hey! Even if it's something like $50 ... I'm OK paying $50 to get another $40 in free stuff! The discount will be open to US only - sorry!


Kaatje - Wallflower said...

Seeing these makes me want a baby XD too cute!

isisanyanka (swapbot)

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