Wednesday, March 2, 2011

11 Months Already!

Happy 11 Month Birthday, Monster!
You are growing and learning new things every day. I'm amazed and proud at everything you can do. You are cruising around with your walker like a pro, and you can crawl faster than I can walk! You have recently started letting go of things while standing, and you can stand by yourself for about 5 seconds before you fall. You are getting so brave - I'll know you'll be walking before long. You are also becoming quite the chatterbox. Other than your constant "dadadada" noises, you said your first real word last week - Diaper! Although it sounded more like "di-ba", but I knew what you were saying :)
The other day I think you tried to say Kitty-Cat, too. It sounded like "dee-dee-da".... but you were pointing at him, too, so close enough! I'm still waiting for a real "mama", though... think you can hurry up with that one?!
You are starting to look less like a baby and more like a toddler. Your hair is getting long, and starting to curl up on the tops of your ears. And you wake up with bed-head! What happened to my bald-headed baby boy? You also do many "grown-up" things, such as deliberately putting something where you want it, lifting the blinds to look out the window, etc. When I watch you it is clear that you are not a baby anymore, but a wonderful, sweet, smart little boy.I love you so so so so much. 

 Here are 2 pics from the first attempt at photos. Feeling kinda grumpy...
 Did not want to take pictures!

  So, we tried again later. Thankfully he was in a better mood!

Smiling at Daddy

Happy  boy!

 Fist bump!


jewells07 said...

Happy 11 month birthday! *Sad I haven't met him yet, but maybe 2012 LOL*

alethea said...

It is hard to believe that almost a year ago he was born... It seems like he should still be scooting instead of crawling... This is why mrs. duggar keeps getting pregnant, the babies grow up too quickly!

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