Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1/2 There... and My Random Thoughts for Today

I'm over halfway done with this pregnancy! I can hardly believe it.

I ws 21 weeks yesterday, and overall feeling pretty great still. This little one has been doing a LOT of moving around. I'm still not feeling distinct kicks, but what feels like somersaults all around my belly all day long. :) So far, all movement is only being felt from the inside. But I can't wait to feel kicks from the outside - and I know Ben is looking forward to that, too.

So far, I have gained exactly 10 pounds. Now if i just gain another 10 pounds in the 2nd half, I'd be pretty excited! Although, speaking from experience, I'm probably bound to increase my weight gain in the last few months. Oh well - all for a healthy baby! I know I can lose it afterward, especially with chasing a toddler around the house! ;)

Since we don't know the gender of this baby, there's not much preparation to do. So instead of my time being filled with researching cloth diapers and other baby gear (what I did while pregnant with Monster) I am just kinda plugging along in daily life, and only remembering I'm even pregnant when I feel movement! LOL. I hope that doesn't sound bad.... I'm just being honest. Life is busy.

I have purchsed a few new pieces of fluff for this little one, though! In addition to all of the newborn cloth diapers we saved from Monster, I have 2 brand new Lil Joey's in Platinum & Root Beer, 2 BumGenius AIO's in size small, 1 BumGenius AIO in size medium, 2 econbums, 1 new Flip cover, and a 6-pack of Flip Newborn-sized stay-dry inserts. I'm the most excited to try these out, because I like the simplicity of the Flip diaper system on Monster, but when the insert is folded to the small size, it would be pretty bulky on a tiny baby. The newborn insert solves that problem!

Just another 19 (or 20... or 21.... haha) weeks and then I get to use all my new (and old) newborn fluff again!
In the next few weeks, I think I'm going to dig out all of the stored diapers from the shed, and start the prep work to get them all freshened up for the new baby! Which leads me to another task that needs to be done.... figure out how to store 2 babies' worth of cloth diapers & clothes in the 1 dresser and closet! :) I'm actually excited about this job, because I love organizing stuff. It's just cleaning that I'm not a huge fan of.

That leads me to another thing - we have to rearrange the nursery to add a toddler bed! I already know how I think I want to rearrange everthing. But I haven't actaully tried moving any of the furniture yet to see if it will even work. We haven't purchased the toddler bed yet, either. And I'm kinda debating on when to do that. Should we buy it before #2 arrives, and get Monster used to his "big boy bed" sooner? Or wait until after #2 comes, since baby will be in a bassinet in our room for the first 3 months or so anyway. We could just get the toddler bed when we're ready to transition the little one to the crib.... this also gives us the option of putting the toddler bed on Monster's Christmas List, in case any of his grandparents or great-grandparents would like to chip in.

So, I'm kinda torn between waiting to buy the toddler bed until #2 is a few months old, or buying it before #2 arrives. What would you do, and why?


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