Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funny Story

So, I've got a funny story to share with you. I'm sure you will think it's hilarous - although I wanted to cry when it was happening to me this morning. Thankfully, now that it's over I can look back and laugh.

It happened this morning, as I was leaving the house to take Monster to my sister-in-law's house ,and then head to work.
Each morning the routine goes something like this: Set the house alarm, grab all the bags (purse, work bag, lunch bag, diaper bag) and Monster & I walk out the door. Lock the house. I use my keyfob to unlock the car. I open the passenger side door, and Monster stands near me while I unload all the bags onto the passenger seat. Then I fold the seat forward (it's a 2-door car), turn around to grab Monster, and then hoist him into his carseat and get him buckled in. Lastly, I flip the front seat back, shut the passenger side door, walk around to the driver's side of the car and get in.

Only this morning, it didn't happen like that. Everything was the same except that final step.... when I get to my driver's side and pull the handle - it didn't open. I look down in horror to see that it's LOCKED.  
This is how I felt. Except less angry and more freaking out, LOL.

So, let's recap the facts:
  • The house is locked and armed
  • My purse (including phone, house keys, and car keys) is in the car
  • Monster is strapped in his carseat in the car
  • The car is locked
(Insert panic moment here) 

This isnt' quite the same scenario, but the look on the mom's face? Pretty much spot-on.
 It didn't take long to figure out what happened. While I was dumping all the bags in the car, Monster was standing in between me and the open door. He must have discovered the button at that point in time. Thanks, kid.

So, I run across the street to the neighbor's house, and when she comes to the door I explain my situation, and ask to borrow a phone. She gives me her phone and I call my mother-in-law. I explain the situation to her, and ask if she has a spare house key to our house.... nope, she used to, but not anymore. Great. So I ask her for my SIL's cell phone number, since I don't have it memorized, and it's saved in my cell phone - locked in my car. I then call SIL, explain why I'm not at her house yet, and ask if she has a spare key... she says yes! Thankfully she only lives a few minutes away, and she showed up pretty quickly.

She hands me her keys, and there are 2 on the keyring that are the same key shape as ours. I try the first one - doesn't work. I try the second one - it also doesn't work. :( Then I remembered we replaced our locks a while back, but didn't replace the back door locks. So I ran to the back of the house. Tried the first key - doesn't work. Tried the second key, holding my breath - doesn't work. It took everything I had not to break down in tears right at that moment.

I walk back to the front of the house. Peek in at Monster, who now has taken off 1 shoe and sock, and looks like he's having a great time hanging out in the car. He's giggling, even. Apparently he thinks it's funny to lock Mommy out of the car. So I tell SIL that neither key works - and she, being the brilliant person she is, asks if any of the windows are unlocked! BINGO! It's been hot lately, and we've been opening windows in the warm weather... that's a likely possibility. First we try the 2 windows in the house that are not hooked up to the alarm system. The first is unlocked, but has the night-lock engaged, which means it doesn't open farther than about 2 inches. The second one was locked. Ugh.

So now we're faced with the windows that are hooked up to the alarm. Meaning if one is unlocked, it will trigger the alarm the second we open it. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do! So we discovered that the window in Monster's room was unlocked. I asked my SIL to be ready to hoist me up into the window as soon as I opened it.... and she did.

I'd like to imagine I looked a bit more graceful than this. ;)
 Well I was up and in the house pretty darn quickly. (And I think the inside of my thigh is bruised, because it's still kinda sore) With the alarm screaming in my ears, I run to the panel and disengage it. I then find the spare car keys on the dresser, brush my hair while I'm in there, and then walk back to Monster's room to let my SIL know I got the keys, and to close his window back up. I then met her outside in front of the house - and unlocked my car. FINALLY!

I then left my car door open, and went back inside to lock & arm the house again. I put Monster's sock & shoe back on him, and then we both left toward my SIL's house. So, the story has a good ending. :) And replaying it all in my head, it seems like it could be from the script of a sitcom.

One other funny thing is that as I was half-way through the window, my SIL yelled "watch out for the baby!" and all I could think of was 'What is she talking about? He's in the car? Has she gone crazy!?' My brain seriously could only comprehened that she thought Monster was playing on the floor in his room or something, lol. Not until I was driving to her house after the ordeal that I realized what she was talking about.... I'm pregnant! There's a baby in my belly! The belly that I supported myself in the window with.... Oops. *blush* Good thing little one has lots of padding!

Oh, and apparently my SIL texted or called her husband, who works with Ben, because right as I was getting to work, Ben texted me - to tell me where he put the hide-a-key. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? The last time we had the hide-a-key anywhere, it was hanging from a rope around our dog's neck (she's a Mastiff, and only an idiot would come into our backyard, and try to get it off of her neck. She is a big sweetheart and would only knock you down and slobber you with kisses once you get in the yard...but she barks, loudly. And that should deter anybody who doesn't know her. But anyway.... she outgrew that rope that was on her neck, and the hide-a-key was laying on the kitchen counter for a long time. I knew it wasn't there anymore, but I had no clue what Ben did with it. Apparently, he re-hid it somewhere. And I didn't know where... until after this morning. *sigh*
Oh well, it makes for a good laugh!

Have you ever had a day like this? Somebody please tell me I'm not the only mom who's accidentally locked her baby in the car! Or, should I say, who's baby has locked them out of the car? LOL


Everyday Song said...

I think this is the biggest fear of every mom. In fact, just today, I was looking at this magnetic car key holder thing on our fridge and realizing we never hid it on our car. But, man, does it hold a calendar in place!

BTW, I found your blog through Elegant Mommy. I help manage blog reviews for Motherlove...if you ever want to review anything, let me know. I'm julie at organicprpro dot com.

Hopefully you are having a better week!

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