Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Teeth

Last night I felt like the worst mother on the planet. Ok, ok. Maybe not quite that bad... but I felt pretty stupid when I discovered that Monster has not 8 teeth, as I thought.... but TEN!

He's had all 4 front teeth on both the top & bottom for about a month and a half. And I never had a clue he was even teething lately... until last night while I was brushing his teeth. Now, normally he likes to sit on the bathroom counter and let me brush his teeth. I know he only has the front 8, and that's where I would focus my brushing, before I give him the toothbrush and let him "brush" the rest of his mouth for a bit when I'm done with his teeth.

Well, last night he decided he wanted to brush his teeth by himself and he was throwing a huge fit trying to grab the toothbrush from me. So I laid him down on his back, on the bathroom counter, to better hold him still while I brushed his teeth... and when I used my fingers to open his mouth for the toothbrush... I saw a glimpse of something white where only pink was supposed to be!! Could it be? I opened his mouth up again to get a better look, and, YES! A tooth! And on the other side... ANOTHER TOOTH!

Monster has both of his upper first molars. The right one is probably fully out. The left one seems to be about 90%. And I never knew until last night. Holy cow!

The reason I had no idea about these is because he still doesn't have his "canines" (see chart below).
He's got his central & lateral incisors on both the top and bottom. And then his first molars on top. It looks kinda funny seeing that gap in there. But that gap is all I ever see when he smiles or talks. The front 4 teeth, and gums to either side. His molars have been hidden inside of his cheeks.

I suppose I could look at this as a good thing - after all, a teething baby is not a happy baby, but a grumpy baby. And a grumpy, sleepless baby makes for a grumpy, sleepless mommy. So yes, it could have been a lot worse - he could have been a nightmare while these were popping through. I definitely count it as a blessing that he was his normal, sweet, good-sleeping self.

But I attribute a lot of that to his Baltic Amber necklace that he wears. (click link for my post/review about the necklace back in November). You can see him wearing one in the picture above. Every word I said then is still true now. We now own 3 different styles of necklaces, not just the 1. Every one works like a charm - and they're cute, too!

So, there's my confession for the day. My baby popped through 2 molars without me ever knowing it was happening. And I still wouldn't know today if he hadn't thrown a fit last night that required me to lay him down while brushing his teeth. But, this fact makes me love my Inspired By Finn necklaces even more!

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