Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monster's Necklace: Baltic Amber from Inspired By Finn.

Many people have been asking me about Monster's necklace lately. You may have seen it in his 7 month photos.... here's another picture of it.

It is made from Baltic Amber, which is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammitory, amoung other things. I bought it from Inspired By Finn. I won't go into details here about all of the medical properties of Baltic Amber - you can read all of that on Inspired By Finn's website, here. I bought it to help with teething pain.

Monster has been teething for quite a while, and for about 2 weeks prior to buying the necklace, he had been waking up at least once a night SCREAMING in pain. He did not want to nurse, he was just in pain from his gums. We had the Hyland's tablets, and we had Orajel. Sometimes it would take both of those products to help him fall back to sleep. We'd also have to give those products throughout the day when he got really fussy and we could tell he was in pain. BUT, ever since getting the necklace - no joke - he has not woken up in the middle of the night from pain even once. He still wakes occasionally to nurse, but not from pain. We also have not had to give any teeting tablets or orajel since he's been wearing the necklace.

I was skeptical at first, but bought one just to give it a try, thinking it couldn't hurt. But now I totally believe, and know that it really does work! I am reccomending these to everyone who has a teething baby. They do make a world of difference! They naturally come in a variety of colors - from light yellow to dark brown. And there are styles that look good on both girls and boys. They also are helpful for adults and older children, for any type of pain. Knee pain, back pain, etc. You can see all of the options on their website.

Inspired By Finn has no idea who I am. I did not write this for a giveaway or any sort of compensation. I just had a lot of people asking me about Monster's necklace lately, and many people had never heard of Baltic Amber or it's benefits, or where to find the necklaces. And I truly love the product so I thought I'd share the info with you. That is all.


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