Thursday, July 21, 2011


It seems we have entered a new stage of toddler-hood - hitting. 
Monster discovered that he likes to hit - everything and everyone.

He doesn't just ht when he's mad (although he hits then, too) but almost as it it's just for fun. I'll be holding him, and he'll out of the blue smack me. :S Not fun.

We have tried so many ways to stop the behavior but nothing seems to be working so far. Those of you with toddlers - please share any tips or tricks you have, to get him to stop hitting!

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doodle-des said...

I will immediately drop my tone to a direct unplayful one, put the kid on the floor and put hold her arms to her side while saying, "Ouch! No hitting!" Then walk away.

Chana Putnam said...

Reagan's also in a not so nice stage of pulling hair and hitting. Hope she grows out of it soon. Playtime immediately ends when hitting or hair pulling begins.

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