Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Update

 Just enough time for a quick update before I fall asleep:

Day 1 of VBS was a success! I think the biggest screw-up I made was that I never introduced myself to the kids, LOL. I just got up on stage and started talking! Oh well.... live and learn. Tomorrow I will tell them my name, haha!

We had 34 kids come to VBS, and in the past, that number usually grows each day, and last year we ended the week with over 100 kids enrolled on Friday. However, the total number of kids doesn't matter as much as whether we are effectively ministering to the kids and families that God has brought us. If we stay at just 34 kids all week - then those 34 kids are the ones who God wants to learn about Him this week, and it's those children's families who we are supposed to reach out and connect with. And that is exactly what we will do, thankful for the chance to do so.

 Thank you so much for all of the prayers/positive thoughts. Keep 'em coming, and I hope you all enjoy your week!

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