Sunday, July 24, 2011

Please excuse my absense....

 ....while I'm away directing Vacation Bible School!

VBS starts tomorrow... and this is my very first time directing, so to say I'm nervous would be an understatement! I will not be posting anything all week - and odds are next weekend will be crazy as well. But I will be back when VBS stuff dies down.

Every 30 seconds my To-Do list seems to increase by another bullet point. Some things for tonight, some things for tomorrow morning (thank goodness VBS is in the evening this year!) and some things to do later on in the week. But still, the list just keeps on growing - and the minutes & hours just keep ticking by. Is it next week yet? LOL.

This morning's sermon at church was just what I needed to heard today - reminding me to really TRUST in God through everything. I will TRUST that He will bring the kids that He wants to hear the message this week. I will TRUST that He will take away my nervousness and give me peace and wisdom as I do my duties this week as the Worship Rally leader. I will TRUST that all of the volunteer teachers will do their very best to teach the lessons that are supposed to be taught this week. I will TRUST that God will help me to accomplish everything on my list that needs to be accomplished, at the time it needs to be accomplished. I KNOW that God knows what He's doing, and I will TRUST that He will use me the way He wants to use me, to make this year's VBS all that He wants it to be.

I'd like to ask for your prayers, good thoughts/wishes, or any positive vibes you want to send my way! My #1 goal for this week is that God is glorified through whatever happens. #2 is that I want children to hear, believe, and connect with the Good News about Jesus. I'm also praying that we have a week free of any injuries or illnesses, and that we have a fun week.

I'd like to look back on the week of VBS as a week that was lots of hard work, lots of fun, and a positive impact in the lives of every kid who attended.

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