Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Official! We've having a....

Baby! :D (hahaha... I just had to do it to ya!)

Yep, Ben decided that we're NOT going to find out - and it's going to be a surprise! I was soooo excited when he told the ultrasound tech. (As you recall - he wouldn't tell me his decision ahead of time. Stubborn man.)

But the ultrasound was great - the tech was super nice and explained everything we were looking at, and what she was doing. We got a bunch of cute pics, and this little wiggle worm is looking perfectly healthy and measuring right on track. :) Oh, and s/he weighs 10 oz.

I also put these photos on the Meet Monster's Little Sibling page as well, but here they are for you again!

Baby says "Hi!"

Don't forget, you can enter your guess about this baby's gender, birthdate, size, etc. Just click on the ExpectNet.com link over there on the right ---------->
There will be a prize for the winner in November! You can't win if you don't enter a guess. :)


Chana Putnam said...

Love the pics! They have so much detail. Congrats on team green.

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