Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Newborn Fluff 2!

On Friday I posted that I was going to sort through all of Monster's outgrown clothes and diapers. Well, I finished that task this Sunday. Here's the result of the clothes sorting:
Newborn - 3 month boy clothes

3-6 month boy clothes ~ 6-9 month boy clothes
12 month boy clothes
Gender neutral clothes (white socks, onesies, etc.) all sizes

All of these bags will be put in plastic storage bins before they go out into the shed... I just have to buy them first, LOL. For now, they sit on my couch waiting. :)  

And now on to the bag that most of you actually care about - the diapers!

 If you recall, this is the picture I left you with on Friday:
Those were the diapers that had been stashed away with Monster's outgrown clothes.

And here is my complete newborn/small diaper stash, with the brand-new diapers from the closet added:
(Oh, and a bit more organized, too! Haha)

First up, we have the newborn/infant sized prefolds!  I bought these uses, so I don't know the brands, and I'm not even sure exactly what "size" they are, but they fit Monster at 6 days old when we started cloth diapering him, and they fit until he was around 3 months I think. I am supposed to have 23. But I only pulled 21 out of the bags - it's a complete mystery what happened to the other 2!

And prefolds leads us to covers!
I have 4 x-small Thirsties wraps, 1 newborn size Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, and 1 newborn size Prorap. The Thirsties were my favorites with Monster - they held in even the messiest of newborn poos!

And then I have 3 small Thirties wraps. I also purchased 2 Flip OS diaper covers when Monster reached this size - but those are currently in Monster's diaper stash for use as his night-time diaper. :)

Currently I am using 1 meduim Tweedle Bugs cover, 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2's, 1 WAHM large cover, and 1 OS Sweet Pea cover for Monster's stash. So once this baby outgrows these smalls, there will be plenty to move up into!

Now here's the first item that wasn't in the bag of Monster's old stuff - some super cheap off-brand snappi's (these are the ones I bought on Ebay for $0.55!) One of the 6 was used on Monster - and broke after not much use. We'll see whether it was a fluke, or if they are all that bad. But oh well, at less then .10/each I'm not gonna cry! And I'll still probably be buying a new Snappi brand fastener, too.

Next up are some of my size small AIO's. 1 Bumkins, and 2 Thirsties Pocket AIOs (discontinued)
The Bumkins is super cute, but it didn't work as well as our other diapers. It didn't fit as well as some others, and it ended up leaking more than any of our others did. But it's CUTE!

Then we have the size small BumGenius AIO's (discontinued). I loved these diapers on Monster! Oh, and don't worry - only the blue & green ones were Monster's. ;) In January 2011 BumGenius announced they were discontinuing their AIOs in sizes S-L and selling them all for $9.99. Since Ben is so awesome, he told me to buy some, thinking that we'd have another baby someday - including a couple pink ones in case we ever do have a girl. Little did we know that 'another baby someday' would end up being this same year! Haha. So anyway - when I bought some in January, I got 1 size small in Blossom. If this baby ends up being a boy - then I guess it will just go into storage for a little while longer!

And the last of the size small diapers I have are my Fuzzibunz! I absolutely loved these diapers. (And I still love my size medium and OS Fuzzibunz that I currently use for Monster)

And now it's time to show some of my brand new purchases! This is a 6-pack of Flip newborn size stay-dry inserts. I love the 1 OS stay-dry insert I have for Monster, but folded down to the small setting would be so bulky on an itty-bitty newborn. So I'm excited to give these a try!
( ^ Hey, look! ^ It's a  Monster foot!)

Since the 2 Flip covers I have are being used for night-time diapers, I also got a new Flip cover. I also took advantage of Cottonbabies' buy one-get one sale earlier this year on their Econobum diapers (a cover + prefold). Again, I got one in pink - just in case, someday! The Econobum prefolds are the prefolds that we currently use on Monster. I've never tried the covers before, but at a 2-for-1 price I figured it was worth trying them out on a future baby!

Oh and here we have 2 more BumGenius AIO diapers that I bought in January - a pale green and another pink. These are size mediums. Next to them is my size medium custom embroidered diaper made by Chunky Monkey Diapers.

Here's the back side of the diaper! This diaper won't be worn by any future children, as it was created just for Monster. Everybody has keepsakes from their baby years - Monster will have a cloth diaper as one of his! LOL

Each of our future children will also get a customized diaper just for them from Chunky Monkey diapers - all Ben's idea! (gosh I love this man.) I can't wait to decide what this baby's will be, and share it with you!
And now THIS picture is just exploding with tiny newborn cuteness! We've got 2 Lil Joey's, 2 BumGenius newborn AIOs, and 1 Tots Bots Teeny Fit. All of these fit babies from 5-12 pounds. How adorable are these?! These are all brand new - and actually all purchased AFTER getting pregnant again, unlike the others I've shown up til this point, haha.
The Lil Joeys & BumGenius were purchased by me, but the Tots Bots was actually a baby shower gift from my sweet friend Chana at Adventures in Fluff!

The last diaper in the bag is not even a regular diaper, but instead a swim diaper! This is a Monkey Doodlez swim diaper, size small. The bummer about this diaper is that since it's sized, it only lasted Monster one summer - last summer. And one whole summer isn't much swimming here in Washington! I think he used it twice - maybe 3 times. LOL. We didn't even buy him a swim diaper this year  - just used a pocket diaper without an insert. And this year Monster has been swimming maybe twice. The one time I can recall was not even really swimming - just splashing on the shore of a lake on the one weekend we had that the temp got above 80 degrees. *sigh* (As much as I really love living here, summers SUCK.)

So there you have it! This is my entire stash of newborn and size small (and a few medium) diapers. I think everything else we have that Monster currently uses is the Econobum OS prefolds, a bunch of random OS pockets, and 2 large BumGenius AIOs (that I purchased back in January). So once this new baby outgrows this stash, they will be wearing what Monster is wearing now. And I actually have more than enough diapers to cloth diaper two children at the same time!

After taking all these pictures, I'm itching to take photos of the diapers that are currently in rotation - the only problem is that they're never all clean at once! But my goal is to at least try to photograph as many of them as I can, to show you the stash we're currently using. Stay tuned!

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Chana Putnam said...

Great stash Selina! I love the personalized diaper for your little Monster. What a super cute idea! Love the swim diaper too. I just love any diaper with a picture on the booty. Of course the Tiny Fit is super cute. hehe! You make me what to photograph my whole stash. I'll wait till next month when I have it complete.

angie - kumichan said...

YAY!! I love it! thanks for sharing.

the best part was a little Monster foot I saw in one of the pictures!!!

Selina said...

Angie - Haha, I thought it was pretty cute when I saw it too. I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes chubby toddler feet!

Marisa said...

Great stash! Love the idea of customized diapers for each kid.

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