Friday, December 10, 2010


I just won an auction on Ebay for a pack of 6 Brand new off-brand Snappi's for....

$0.56 and free shipping!

SCORE! Normally, Snappi's are about 4 dollars each..... and if you do the math, I'm getting mine 9.3 cents each!! So what, they're not Snappi brand - they look basically the same and will function the same. And if they're crappy quality and break/wear out quickly - 9 cents each! I could care less!! I have 2 currently, but 1 just broke. So I can add another into the rotation, and save the rest for future babies! Yay!

It was pretty weird doing the PayPal transaction... for $0.56. I'm used to bigger fees, and then add in shipping, etc. But YAY! I love Ebay!


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