Monday, August 22, 2011

How about some PICTURES?!

I just realized I haven't posted any recent pics of Monster. Part of the reason is that I guess I'm becoming a lazy mommy already, and no longer taking 200+ photos a day. (LOL, this poor baby#2 - will we have any pictures of him/her?) And partly because he never stops moving! 90% of the photos I take nowadays are just a blur - he either sees the camera, and comes running - or decides he's done doing whatever it was he was doing before I grabbed the camera, and is out of the room and onto other things.

But the blog is lacking in Monster cuteness, so here are some recent photos I've taken of him!

Giggles with Daddy

He takes after his Mama with his love of books

He looks so much like a toddler in this one, it's kinda scary!

Just happily eating.

And lately, he only eats with his toes hooked under his high chair tray!  If he's wearing shoes, he continually kicks his feet and gets angry that he can't hook his toes on. Crazy kid!!

This is a fun one - Aunt Alethea is getting him started with photography young!

Mmmm... watermelon!

Enjoying a ride in the convertible on one of our (few) sunny summer days!

I shall leave you with this one, because I think it's hilarious! He was so tired, he fell asleep while eating dinner.

Hopefully that cute baby face helped cheer up your Monday!

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alethea said...

Sure did cheer up my Friday!!!

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