Friday, August 12, 2011

Newborn Fluff!

 I finally had a chance to get out in our shed and bring in the stored bins & bags of outgrown baby clothes and diapers. The logical part of my reasoning behind doing this is so that I can re-organize all of the baby clothes by size. They are currently just all thrown in bags/bins. One bag could have anywhere from newborn onesies to 9m size pants. (Hey my only goal when I packed the bags was to get the stuff out of the closet and in the shed... mission accomplished. LOL) But now my goal is to have them organized in such a way that if this baby ends up being a boy, I can easily locate the bag of baby stuff I'll need at that age. I know I also had a few pieces of clothing that are quite gender neutral, so I hope to track those down and store those separately, since they can get used with this baby no matter what.

But the biggest part of my reasoning behind doing this is to remind myself of what newborn/small baby fluff I have!! I quickly tore through the bags, and this is what I came up with. I think this is everything. Once Monster outgrew this stuff, he was pretty much into the One-Size diapers that we use now.

Here's a quick view of the goods: a bunch of prefolds & covers, plus a few AIOs and pockets:

I also have been accumulating newborn fluff in Monster's closet since before even getting pregnant again earlier this year. ;) So I have quite a bit of cute stuff to add to this stash, which I'm excited about. And also starting to feel a TINY bit guilty about, since this photo seems to hold plenty of diapers for a newborn (there are 2 dozen newborn sized prefolds on that table...). But almost every new diaper in the closet was purchased on sale, so that's good, right?!

I will be going through the diapers and taking photos of everything I have soon. Watch the next few posts for a thorough breakdown of my newborn fluff stash!

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Chana Putnam said...

Awwww! Baby fluff is so cute! I can't wait to use mine. Got to try some on my friends baby that came over today. He's 10 days old. I can't believe how small newborns are. I totally forgot.

Look forward to seeing your fluffy pics.

Francesca said...

love! cant wait to see if its a boy or girl!

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