Monday, August 29, 2011

Hide & Seek?

This morning while I was making breakfast, Monster walked up and handed me one of his sandals. I took it and went to put it away in his room. On the way there I looked around the rest of the house to see if he took the other one out too, but didn't see it anywhere. However, when I put it away, the other sandal wasn't in the drawer either. So I asked him where his sandal was. He walked over to the drawer, opened it up, and gave me the one I'd just put away. I told him, no, your other sandal. This is just sandal #1. We need to find #2.

So he just kinda stared at me for a moment, and then he walked over to the diaper pail and just looked at it for a bit. My mind starts to figure out what he did, and I'm already thinking "Oh, no...." Then he looked at me, smiled, pointed to the pail, and giggle. So I walked over, looked inside, and whaddaya know - a sandal hiding in the diaper pail. :) I took it out and told him the diaper pail was for his dirty diapers only. "It's yucky in there! We don't want pee pee on your shoes!"

I guess we've reached the age of hiding stuff in random places... I'll have to really be on top of what he's playing with, now, and where it goes when he's done with it! Or I may just get a few surprises while doing my diaper laundry over the next few months.

Those of you with little ones - do they like to hide things in gross places, too, like a diaper pail or a trash can? And can anyone tell me how long this stage lasts? LOL

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Too funny! I'm impressed he remembered where he put it! My youngest likes to throw things away and hide things in drawers. Nothing is safe!

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