Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So over 2011

We're only into the 5th week of the new year, and I'm already sick of 2011. :(

I have been sick twice already, and am now fighting a sore throat - I guess we can call that 3 sicknesses?

And Ben has been to the emergency room 3 times. He came home on a Monday from work, with his stomach hurting. It got worse and worse until 10pm when we decided we needed to take him to the ER - we were both worried about appendicitis. Long story short, his appendix looked fine, so at 6am Tuesday he was discharged with a diagnosis of "Mesenteric Adenitis" (imflamed lymphnodes in the abdomen, near the appendix) slew of Rx meds, and instructions to come back that afternoon for a follow-up CT scan to make sure his appendix was still normal. So we went home to sleep, and went back that afternoon around 3- to be dismissed at 8pm with the news that his appendix was still fine, and another Rx med to take. He was on 3 antibiotics, an anti-nausea med, and vicodin for the pain. He was told to follow up with his regular Dr. sometime that week - which he did. He had the next 2 days off work as well. Friday, when he returned to work, he had to call his mom to pick him up and take him back to the ER, because he was still in so much pain. Again, it wasn't his appendix, more meds, and back home... It has now been 2 weeks, and he is still having some lingering pain. He doesn't need the vicodin anymore, Tylenol can keep the pain at bay enough. But of course we wish there was no pain by now.

He also was told to visit a gastrointestinal Dr to look into this more. That visit was yesterday. They drew blood to check if he is allergic to wheat or gluten. And he goes back next week for a colonoscopy and another CT scan. These will hopefully rule out the possibiltiies of Lymphoma and Crohn's Disease.

Now hubby keeps worrying about the Dr. bills that will shortly be rolling in... I just keep reminding him that we have insurance, so it won't be too bad. But I know it will still be a couple hundred, if not a thousand dollars for all the medical stuff we've dealt with so far - and it's only February 2nd!!

With that said, 2011 had been shape up, and quick. No more illness, please. We've dealt with enough! Coming up soon (in April) we have Monster's 1st birthday party, and the Dave Ramsey conference -with backstage passes! So we do have some good coming our way this year, but I hope there's more good in store that we don't know about yet, that can outweigh all this crap we've dealt with.

The other good thing is that so far Monster hasn't shown any sign of being sick. Yay for all those immune boosters in breastmilk, lol! Hopefully he can continue to avoid all the trouble me and the hubs have gone through!

How has 2011 been for you?


rexter said...

Does he still have the mesenteric adenitis? What antibiotics and/or meds did they give him? My son has had it for four weeks and was told to use Tylenol!

Selina said...

Hi rexter!

I don't know if he still "has it", but his pain isn't completely gone yet. I'm not sure about what antibiotics/meds he got - other than vicodin for the pain. They lasted a week, and he's done with them now so I don't even have the bottles to refer to. They gave the antibiotics to kill whatever virus/bacteria caused it (which was unknown)They did say, though, that usually it will go away on it's own, and that since he was in so much pain, they would treat it faster and give him the pain meds.

But to have it for 4 weeks? Your poor son! Is he still in pain from it? I'd go back to the Dr and let them know that he still is having pain and ask them if they can give him anything else to get rid of it faster.

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