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Rebel T/L/C's Review!

Have you heard of Rebel T/L/C's yet?! The shop on hyenacart is currently closed, but she is scheduled to re-open for business on March 19th! You can go to Rebel T/C/L's Facebook Page for info until then!

Let's start with the name...
Rebel (verb) - to resist against some authority, control, or tradition.
T/L/C's = Tops, Lids, Covers!

Here are the basics:
 Traditionally, if you've needed to cover a bowl and it didn't have its own lid, what did you use? Tinfoil? Plastic wrap? Well, welcome to the Rebellion! Made from 100% cotton woven fabric and food-safe ripstop nylon, these bright, fun covers will change the way you store leftovers! Plus, caring for them is a snap! Toss them in the laundry and they come out good as new!
TLCs are lined with a food-safe polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon which is water-resistant, mildew-resistant, abrasion-resistant, rot-resistant, and is free of heavy metals, phthalates, PBBs, and PBDEs. The coated side of the nylon faces away from food.

I first heard about them a few months ago, and they definitely intrigued me. I have a ton of bowls and containers that don't have lids, and these seemed like the perfect solution! I loathe plastic wrap, because it never stays stuck. And tin foil is OK, but it's not very eco-friendly. I'd much rather use something that can be re-used instead of thrown away, if given the choice.

Well, I finally got around to ordering some for myself last week, and today they arrived! I saw the mailman come down the street, and ran walked out to the mailbox like an excited little kid on Christmas morning running to the tree to see what Santa left! like a responsible adult. I was super excited to get my T/L/C's and try them out!

I am so excited about these just from seeing them online, and now that I've touched them and tried them myself, I am even more in love with these! So now I'm going to tell you all about them!

When I tore open the package like a kid on Christmas carefully opened the package, this is what I saw!
All of my T/L/C's were neatly tucked together in a cute little package! (And don't you just LOVE these fabrics?)

After they were all taken out, here's what I had:
 This is an XLarge, Large, Medium, Small, Tween, Tiny, 9x13 and 8x8

Oh, would you like a look at the inside? As mentioned above,
TLCs are lined with a food-safe polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon which is water-resistant, mildew-resistant, abrasion-resistant, rot-resistant, and is free of heavy metals, phthalates, PBBs, and PBDEs. The coated side of the nylon faces away from food.
Here's what it looks like... just a smooth white nylon.

And moisture beads right up!

Next it was on to the kitchen for testing my sizes!

First up, meet my Pyrex nesting mixing bowls. I'm pretty sure you have something similar in your kitchen, right? And did yours come with lids? Mine didn't. 
Mixing bowls, meet T/L/C's!

The large, medium, and small Rebel T/L/C's perfectly fit my large, medium, and small bowls!

Next up was the largest bowl in my kitchen -

 This thing really is huge. Here's a comparison picture next to my large Pyrex to give you an idea of the size:

I love this bowl for making large salads to take to family gatherings, and it's only downfall is that it has no lid.
This is the XL, It's a perfect fit! I seriously love this fabric. Don't you?

 And check this out....see how far down the sides it goes? There's a lot more fabric there, and this elastic has a lot of give, so that means it could fit a BIGGER BOWL! I'm shocked!

The next size I wanted to try out was the tiny.
It fits nice and snug on this yogurt container. I imagine it would be a perfect fit on an open soda can!

And the tween:

It fits this large soup can with extra room.

Next up was my 9x13 casserole dish. This did come with a lid. It was a Tupperware material, and it broke about a year ago. The poor dish has been lid-less ever since. 

9x13 casserole dish... meet the 9x13 Rebel T/L/C!

 See how small it looks next to the dish? That shows you just how stretchy the elastic is. And how snug it can get!
Here is is stretched out on the dish. A perfect match!
(That crease in the middle was from being folded up for mailing. I'm sure that it will lose the crease after being used & washed a few times.)

Oh, and did you notice this little tab in any of my previous pictures? This makes it handy for removing them. :)

The last size that I bought was 8x8. It fits a... yep, you guessed it, 8x8 baking dish!
Here's my old & scratched  well-loved 8-inch brownie pan. :)
 Do you know what happens every time I make brownies? They stay in this pan on the counter until they're gone, and if we remember, we drape a kitchen towel over it to try to keep them fresh. It's never worked very well.

8" brownie pan, meet your Rebel T/L/C!
Again, you can see how stretchy the elastic is. It will stretch to fit over the pan, and when it's on, it looks like this!

This is a much better solution to keeping our brownies fresh from now on. :)

Here's my whole Rebel T/L/C family on containers:

And after they're used... they can get tossed right in the laundry with my towels! How easy is that?

Now I can't wait to really use all of them. I'm pretty sure I'll just love them more and more as I discover all the different things that I could use them for.

And wanna know what may be my favorite thing about these? The prices! They are very reasonably priced, and I anticipate these lasting a long, long time!
Here's a breakdown of sizes with more details...
Size 1 - TEENY - $1.00
 Fits a Yoplait yogurt cup, possibly other small openings like a bottle.

Size 2 - TINY - $2 .00
Fits regular-sized tin cans (soup/tuna), drinking glasses, etc.
Works as a sippy cup cover. (2.5-3.5")

Size 3 - TWEEN - $3.00
Fits larger tin cans (tomato sauce/fruit) and whatever odd-sized bowl
is too large for a Tiny and too small for a Small. (4-5")

 Size 4 - SMALL - $4.00
Fits cereal bowls. (6-7")

 Size 5 - MEDIUM - $5.00
 Fits mid-sized bowls. (7.5-8.5")

Size 6 - BREAD PAN - $6.00
Fits most standard loaf pans. (8.5 x 4.5")

Size 7 - LARGE - $7.00
Fits mixing/salad bowls, dinner plates, pie plates, etc. (9-12")

Size 8 - 8x8 PAN - $8.00

Size 9 - 9x13 PAN - $9.00
 Also fits 8 x 11.5" dishes.

Size 10 - XLARGE - $10.00
Fits large serving bowls. (13-17")

**Please keep in mind that the elastic has TONS of give and will therefore fit odd-shaped bowls, though you may need to size up.**
There is a large selection of fabrics available for you to choose your favorites for your own custom set! So, have I convinced you that you need these yet? Bookmark Rebel T/L/C's so you can buy your own set when she re-opens on March 19th!


Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Great review!

<3 Rebel T/L/C :)

JKMommy said...

WOW that is so cool! :) I have some of these but you covered some sizes I haven't tried yet!

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