Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things I've Been Meaning To Do!

Linking up with The Lazy Mom for the September edition of "Things I've Been Meaning To Do"!

1. I'll be completely honest here. I've been meaning to join the "Things I've Been Meaning To Do" link-up since the first month that Stacey started doing it. But now that I'm finally doing it, I guess it doesn't really belong on this list? Oh well, I'm too lazy to go and erase all those words that I worked sooo hard to type out for you. ;)

2. Buy some plastic bins to store all of these baby clothes in.
 I sorted and bagged all of Monster's old clothes a few weeks ago. The bags have been on the chair/couch since. I don't want to put them outside in our shed in only plastic bags - bugs and rodents could get in! Yuck! But I don't have any plastic storage bins, other than the ones currently in the shed, full of Christmas supplies. So I must go to the store, buy the bins, and then put the bags in them.
That, my friends, is the reason it has already been a few weeks since I bagged them up.

3. Make a meal plan.

I actually started writing out meals that I like and that we'd like to eat on a regular basis. The goal is to then create little magnet thingys with them and put this "calendar" on my fridge, and use the meal magnets to plan our weekly meals in advace. We used to use the e-mealz system, and LOVED it, but with the tight budget lately, we decided to take advantage of our church's food bank, which is open to all church members once a month (otherwise they only serve certain zip codes - where we don't live!)
So now we have all this meat and canned goods to use - and no recipes or any clue what to make.

Which is why I've been meaning to make our meal plan...

So, I guess it's not a terribly long list at the moment. Either that, or I'm in denial about some things... haha.
Now let's just see if this post is motivation for me to actually DO the items on this list. :)

Do you have a list of things you've been meaning to do? Please share them so I don't feel so alone in my laziness!

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Stacey said...

Okay number 1 is just TOO funny! Love it! Thanks for linking up! (finally.)

The Lazy Mom wuz here.

Holly said...

I HATE storing clothes. With 6 littles, you can only imagine the amount of bins I have! I hope you get yours done soon!

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