Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yesterday, we went to the zoo! It was free for all Tacoma residents - so we took full advantage of the opportunity! We went after Ben got off work, so we got there around 1 pm, and they closed at 4 - so we had close to 3 hours to see everything.I won't bore you with words.... but I took 145 pictures & videos during our 3 hours.... so I'll try to showcase some of the better ones, haha!

Well, folks - now you know. THAT'S what a monkey says! Haha

That's a Tapir!

Ben's pretty proud of this shot... poor monkey got caught doing his 'business'!

These fish make holes in the sand, and then pop in and out!
Can't do the zoo without taking advantage of the shark's mouth photo opp!

This was the best shot we got of the 3 of us. Seriously.

Monster's hand compared to a polar bear paw print!

That's one big fish!

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Chana Putnam said...

Ewww! That peeing monkey is gross. hehe. I love the armadillo though. Never seen one at our zoo before. Love the little monster shirt. He has to sport his trademark.

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