Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plan It - Don't Panic - 6 Week Meal Planning Challenge!

If you read my last post, about things I've been meaning to do, you might recall that one of those things was to put together a meal plan. Well, guess what? I still haven't done it. And there has been that panic feeling every weeknight as I head home, wondering what I'm gonna throw together that night. 

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across THIS blog post this morning! Stephanie at Keeper of the Home is having a "Plan It - Don't Panic" meal planning challenge!

It will be a 6 week long challenge of creating and sharing meal plans for our families. I already know that getting started is the hardest part about Meal planning. But after 6 weeks of being held accountable to the other women joining in the challenge - and all of my blog readers(!), that I should have the habit formed, and be able to continue going strong with it.

Each Monday, I will be sharing my meal plan for the week, right here on my blog. If you are interested in joining up, please do! If you just want to follow along and maybe get some new ideas and recipes for your family's meals, then make sure to check back in with Keeper of the Home once we get started, as that's where the big link-up will be listed. :)

Wish me luck as I start this new challenge! If you currently meal plan, will you share some tips in the comments below? If you don't meal plan, let me know if you plan to join this challenge, too!

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