Thursday, September 30, 2010

How I Came to Cloth!

I figure I should take some time to share how and why I chose to use cloth diapers. Believe me, 1 year ago I would have laughed if you told me I'd be cloth diapering! But last October, at 4 months pregnant, I stumbled upon The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt and got drawn in, searching all over WAHM's websites trying to find that elusive icon. And, somewhere along the way, I started reading the info on those sites, and becoming interested! By the end of October, I'd decided I was giong to cloth diaper this baby!

To be honest, it wasn't about the environment for me. I fell in love with the CUTENESS!! The more research I did, I learned that cloth was better for the environment, as well as for baby's bottom, and my bank account (aside from the obsession that formed, causing me to buy, and buy, and buy - lol)! And, cloth diapers aren't as difficult as they were in my grandma's time.

All I had to do was convince the husband.... but even that was suprisingly easy! I showed him the cost comparison of disposables vs cloth over the period of birth - potty training. I told him that I would do the laundering of the diapers. And I showed him what today's cloth diapers were like. But I had him at the $$$ savings part!

I started buying diapers as soon as I found out we were having a boy, and I haven't really stopped yet! Every time I see a new brand or type of diaper I want to try, I am tempted to buy it - but I try to make myself sell an older one we no longer use as often. :)

I would definately say that choosing to cloth diaper was one of the best parenting decisions I've made. I love that I know I'm not putting any nasty chemicals next to Monster's most sensitive areas. I love that I dont' have to literally throw away hundreds of dollars every month. I love that I can re-use many of the diapers for the next babies, making it an even bigger $$ saver. And, yes, I love the CUTE CLOTH BUTT!

Monster loves his diapers, too!


Holly said...

I agree! The cuteness factor is what pulled me in too...and the cost factor. Saving so much money! I would have laughed if anyone ever said I'd be cloth diapering one day too. I started with our 4th baby, and now three years later I'm still diapering away on baby #6!
So glad to have found your blog...and glad to meet another granola mama!

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