Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling invisible

We all know those blogs that seem to have half the world's population reading them on a daily basis...The ones with thousands of follwers. Or heck, even the ones with a few hundred followers!

I'm wondering how anyone ever gets to that point, of having tons and tons of followers. Where do people find them? Although, looking back at how I found a lot of the blogs I now read, I have no idea how I started reading them... but somehow I stumbled upon them (oooh... that just reminded me of StumbleUpon - gosh I love that website.) Anyway, I just feel kinda retarded right now, because I keep posting things on this little ol' blog of mine, that to my knowledge, only 2 people read. :S

Ah, well. I never started blogging to gain a ton of followers; that would actually creep me out a bit to be honest. But... it would be nice to know I'm not just talking to myself every time I post something, you know? Like on facebook - every time you post a "status update" the whole point is for people to read it, right? If nobody will read or comment or "like" any of your status updates... would we bother to post it in the first place? Hmm...


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