Saturday, September 25, 2010

FF Meet-Up

I'm part of an online mommy group at Fertility Friend, and today we had a meet-up for anyone who was local to this area! We had 5 mommies and babies get together, from as far south as Portland, OR to as far north as Seattle, WA. It was so nice to be able to put a real face to a name and see these babies in real life, that we so far had just seen pictures of. We had a very enjoyable time watching the babes interact with each other, and of course we enjoyed chatting with each other, too. 
Monster got to meet Finn, Lily, Rowen, and Libby!
Not much to say about it, other than it was a blast... here are some pics!

  Thanks Heidi for organizing this successful day!


Mama1Mama2 said...

Finn and I had so much fun meeting everyone!

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