Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Been A While!

Yikes! I just realized it's been quite a long time since I've posted. Sorry about that!Monster was sick most of last week - he had a fever for 3 days, and the proceeded to be a Mr. Grumpy-pants for the next few days. Whiny and clingy - which meant I barely got anything done unless I could do it while holding him. :( I think I was more miserable than him by the end of the weekend.

But, I'm happy to report that is he feeling MUCH better now! Last night he played on the floor with his toys while Ben & I watched a movie - something that could not have happened last week! He is back to being a crazy toddler.
Speaking of being a toddler - now that he's been walking for about a month and a half, he thinks he's ready to run! :) He doesn't get very far before he falls over, but he's right back up again and rarin' to go! He just learned 2 weeks ago how to stand up from the middle of the floor - instead of having to crawl over to a piece of furniture to pull himself up. Now he plants his hands on the floor, sticks his butt in the air, and somehow pushes himself into a standing position. It's so cute to watch!

He is also babbling like crazy - his current favorite phrase is "I dee". And it sounds like "Ey-deeeeeee!!" I don't know what it means - other than it seems to have replaced his "dadadada" phrase. So everything he points at now is "I-dee!" Sometimes it seems he's responding "I do" to a question. But other times, it's totally random. Oh well, whatever it means, it sure is cute to hear!

In other news... I am still pregnant. I'm now a little over 14 weeks. It seems crazy how fast it's flying by this time. I'm sure Monster has something do with that. I'm still debating with myself whether to be team yellow (meaning we will find out the gender at our 20-week ultrasound) or team green (we don't find out the gender, and it will be a surpise at the birth). There are so many pros & cons to both, I just can't decide yet! With Monster, we were team yellow. And I loved knowing beforehand, being able to call him by his name, decorate his room for him, etc. I've also always said that I could NEVER be team green. I'd just have to know, so I could plan & prepare, etc.

But now I'm thinking differently. I would love to give Ben the privilege of announcing "It's a ____" to me, and then to everyone in the waiting room. When labor seems like it will never end, or when I think the pain is too much, my motivation to push through (no pun intended, lol) would be finally finding out whether I have a son or a daughter. As for being prepared, this new baby won't have their own room, at least while we're living in this house (which we will be until the housing market turns around) so there'd be no decorating to do - Monster's room is a blue & green underwater theme. Definately geared toward boy, but it could totally be fine for a girl as well. We have all the baby gear we'll need, except for an infant carseat, a toddler bed for Monster to move into, and possibly a double stroller.

And if this baby is a boy - we've got all the clothes & diapers we need. If this baby is a girl - she can wear blue pajamas and sleepers for the first week of her life, we've got so many family and friends who will be buying dresses and pink clothes that we'll be covered for quite a while. :) The only thing is that if it's a girl, I'd just have to buy some new cloth diapers - pink & purple ones, flower, rainbows & hearts prints... so many endless options! Of course, a girl can wear all the blue, green, orange, yellow, red, and white diapers we currently own. I'd just have to add a few more to the stash to fulfill my cloth-diaper-buying love!

So there you have it - my biggest dilema at the moment. Our ultrasound is scheduled for June 28th.
Which is just over a month away. That's not a lot of time to decide! What would you choose if you were in my position? And why? Convince me!

I think I'd better shut up now- sorry it was soo incredibly long. I guess I had a lot to say! I will have to get better at udpating more often. Forgive me please! I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your weeks!


alethea said...

I always thought I'd have to know, at least for decorating purposes. But now because I'm decorating the same way for both (with a few variations) I don't think I'd want to know. I'd ask for no clothes at my baby shower, and deff no green or yellow, but I'd probably buy a few white and black outfits for the first few days until the gender appropriate clothes start pouring in. As much as I want to know if there's going to be a little girl carrying on my name, I think you should wait.
Oh but then I want to know so bad what you are having!

I'm no help!!!

Love you!

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