Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday {But With Words} ...on Thursday

  Linking up with Rachel @ And Then, She {Snapped} for wordless-Wednesday-but-with-words.

Except I forgot to post it on Wednesday. So I'm doing it today instead! Can you forgive me?

I finally took 18 month photos!
Behold, Monster's hair. Those gorgeous reddish curls!

 I love that hair. But, I think I may be coming to terms with the idea that we should probably cut it sometime. Maybe even sometime before the new baby comes - which means within the next 7 weeks (AAAHHHH! How can I be that close to my due date?!). I am afraid to chop off all the curls, so we will probably keep some curl. Just trim the whole thing up and make it a bit shorter on the sides & in the back.
I'm just not ready for him to look "grown up", which normally happens after that 1st haircut.

So... I'll avoid it for a few more weeks.

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