Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal Planning Challenge ~ Week 6!

Linking up for Week 6 of the Plan It - Don't Panic Meal Planning Challenge!

As in the past, I'm linking to recipes where available! :)

Monday - Poppyseed Chicken & corn
Tuesday -Homemade Chicken Primavera Pizza (from an old E-mealz meal plan, no online recipe, sorry! But it's really yummy. In fact, here's a pic from last time we made it:

Wednesday - Chicken Divan with Garlic Bread & Mixed Veggies
Thursday - SUBWAY sandwiches on the way to worship team practice
Friday - Breakfast for dinner. I'm thinking french toast??
Saturday - Chili Mac! (Yay for super easy lazy meals in the meal options!)
Sunday - Dinner at MIL's house

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