Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Mama

 Last week at the store, I was pushing the cart down the toy aisle on my way to find some Hot Wheels cars (as incentives for Monster's potty training - that's another story, though. Haha!) And as I was pushing the cart, Sweet Pea started squealing... and reaching. I looked at what she was reaching toward - and saw baby dolls. *shock* She's only 9 months old! She's supposed to like rattles and push toys and musical toys... not GIRL toys. She's just a little bitty baby, unable to make decisions about toy preferences!

Ha. Joke's on me, apparently. Little sister wanted those dolls, and bad.

So, I found the smallest soft dolls that they had (the ones for $2.99 - heck yes!) and grabbed one of each colored outfit. Then I held them in front of her... and she actually looked at them for a few moments, as if deciding which one she liked best. Then she grabbed it, and immediately started sucking on it's head. LOL.

And with that, we went to the checkout line and I bought her her very first doll!

 She loves this thing. She'll crawl around the house with it, and just have it near her while she plays with whatever. :)

And if she's crying, she can usually be calmed by handing her doll to her.

Most of the time, she throws the doll around, smacks it against the floor, etc. But it's absolutely heartwarming to watch her cuddle the doll every now and then. I'm amazed by how early the maternal instincts kick in!

When she's sleepy, she wants to hold her doll, and cuddle into me or daddy. So it's us, holding our baby, holding her baby. <3 So adorable.

As shocked as I was that this starts so early, I'm going to love watching her grow into a sweet little girl - doing little girl things. 

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Kassandra said...

This is soooooo adorable!!!!! This is one of the major reasons I want a girl so badly. I want to teach her how to be a mama to her own babies one day! Love that your little baby wanted a little baby of her own, that just melts my heart! :o)

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