Friday, January 27, 2012

Just wanna cry

Apparently, I have been the victim of mail theft.

FLUFFY mail theft.

I know, awful, right?!

I had a custom cloth diaper made for Sweet Pea. And just tonight I contacted the maker to see when I could expect it - only to find out it shipped last week and was, according to the USPS, delivered on Jan 17th. :( Sadly, no diaper ever arrived. 

This is the photo from her Facebook page, of what should have been my diaper:

I'll bet our mail thief was REALLY excited to rip open that package and find a diaper. *snicker* If only they'd bothered to bring it back! :P

Now the lady has to try to find more of that fabric so she can make me another one... let's hope she's able to track if down!

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