Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sorry.. I'm Still Alive!

Wow, apparently I haven't posted for over a month... I'm so sorry! And quite a lot has happened in that time.
I guess the biggest update for you is that baby #2 was born! Monster is now the proud big brother of a baby....


Now I guess I need to come up with a nickname for her on this blog, huh? How about we call her... Sweet Pea? Since that seems to be what I end up calling her most of the time anyway. :)

Sweet Pea was born at 1:34 am on November 27, 2011. She weighed 7lb 14 oz (a full half pound heavier than Monster was!) and was 19 inches long (short just like her brother, haha).
I had an AMAZING water birth at my local birth center, and may share my birth story on here later if anyone's interested. Just let me know in the comments if it's something you'd like to read or not. :)

I'll update her page on here with more photos of her, so feel free to check it out!  

Monster has been... adjusting. I can't really say that he's been adjusting well, but I know that it is a big change for him to deal with, and he's doing the best he can I suppose. My patience is being tried as he gets really whiny and clingy on me every time she needs to nurse or needs any attention, really. I know that it will just take some more time for him to get used to having her around. He is a great big brother, though, and loves to help us take care of her and give her kisses. <3

In other news... we had a nice Thanksgiving, and I hope you did too! Now we're just gearing up for our first Christmas with 2 little ones! Monster is still too young to fully understand anything that's going on, but at least he will be able to unwrap his own presents this year.

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marienkafer said...

Awww... Congrats! Our boy was born on the 27th as well! I'd love to read your birth story if you're willing to share. I'm just getting around to writing out mine as well.

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