Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swap-Bot Blog Hop!

Swap-Bot is a website that allows you to create & join swaps with people all over the world. You can swap crafts, photos, writing, art, craft supplies, drinks & candy. There are also online swaps - where you just swap photos or answer quetions in email form, or - like this one - "Visit My Blog & Blog About It"! I had 10 partners in this swap, and the assignment was to visit each person's blog, and then write a blog post about them!

I always love discovering neat new blogs to read, so I was excited for this swap! I got to meet 10 other bloggers and check out their blogs. I even found some that I will be going back to again and again!

So, without further ado, here are the 10 blogs that I visited:

1. ...consiousness collection...

...Consioudness Collection... is an eclectic mix of the random thoughts, ideas, and musings from the blog owner, Em, in Australia. She was recently in Japan, and has posted some beautiful photos of the scenery & food (which made my hungry just looking at it...yum!)
Em also recently opened an Etsy shop, foraged & found, where she sells Japanese MT Washi Masking Tape, which has become a new popular craft supply. Currently, 10% of all profits from her Esty shop will go to help the Japan Tsunami Victims. How great is that!

2. Wallflower DIY

Wallflower DIY is written by Kaatje, a 23 year old art student who lives in Belgium. This is her personal blog where she shares about crafts, DIY projects, sewing, fashion, food... pretty much normal girl stuff! Two posts that stood out to me when I had to do with food... I wonder if that's pregnancy related? *blush* But oh my did they look delicious!

3. Angel In A Glass Creations

Angel In A Glass Creations is a blog by a gal named Angelina Glass, where she mostly shares the crafts the makes and the recipes she cooks. She also has an etsy shop where she sells her handmade scarves, hats, handbags, and even little plushies! She is very talented! (Ok, and I have to ask... did anyone else catch how super clever Angelina must be? Look at her blog name... and look at her name... and her blog name... pure genius I tell you!!! :D)

4. Betwixxt

Betwixxt is written by Gracie, who lives in the US like me! She blogs about projects she is working on, things that inspire her, home decor, and just life in general. She is a wedding planner - which is a job that I imagine must be a lot of fun!

Gracie also has an etsy store, where she sells her homemade bags, wallets, headbands, bows, and other super cute items! My favorite are her Coffee Cozy's. How cute are they?! And so much more eco-friendly than those ugly cardboard ones!
 5. My Frizzle!

My Frizzle is a blog by Rozemarijn, who lives in the Netherlands. This is mostly a crafting/creativity blog (sewing, DIY projects, homemade soap, etc) but I also found a lot of delicious looking recipes that I'd like to try! One really cool aspect of this blog is that it is written in both Dutch and an English translation!

6. Unionvale Mom's Spot & Unionvale Homeschool

I got to check out 2 of Cariann's blogs - her craft/personal blog, and her homeschooling blog!
Cariann's personal blog has a variety of posts, from Swap-Bot swaps, to photos of her children, and yummy recipes. (are you noticing a theme here - apparently I'm drawn to food right now. Wonder why?)
Her homeschooling blog is very interesting to me,  since my degree is in elementary education and I hope to be teaching in the next few years. I have always admired homeschoolers and think they do an amazing job at teaching & raising their kids, so this blog - focused on one mom's homeschooling journey, will be fun to read through.

7. The Journey & Musings of a Single Country Gal

This blog is written by Mindy, and is full of product & book reviews, and fun link-ups such as "Meet Me on Monday" and "Five-Question Friday" where she posts answers to questions about herself, to let her readers get to know her better. And I feel almost embarrased to say this - but she shared this recipe for Creamy Cheesy Ham and Potato Soup that I am now craving for lunch. lol

8. This and That

This is Nasreen's almost brand-new craft blog. She has only been blogging since March of 2011, but is off to a great start! Other than her sharing the blogs she's visited as part of this blog swap, she writes about crafts she is currently working on and other random daily happenings in her life that relate to crafting.

9. BPositive. BFree.

Becca's blog is surely a refreshing one! The vision and mission of her blog is "reaching out to people in positive and uplifting ways through creativity and love." How awesome is that? Her blog is filled with posts that remind me to think positively, see the bright side, and love others. Interspersed with her writing, she shares photos of crafts that she makes (mostly knitting) that go along with the topic of that day's post. I am excited to be following this blog!

10. I Heart Things and Things

The final blog I got to explore was Danie's. Her writing is open and honest, and she writes about, well, whatever she feels like writing about. She just started a 30-day writing challenge, similar to the photo challenge I recently finished, where she answers a promt each day. What a perfect time for me to start following her blog - I will get to learn more about her. And so far, she seems pretty awesome! Oh, and she makes cupcakes! Yum!

So there you have it - the 10 blogs that I had the pleasure of discovering through Swap-Bot. Hopefully one of these blogs also has something that interests you, too!
Happy reading!


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