Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being sick is no fun

I'm coming down with something today. Don't know what, but I'm at work and it sucks. And I've been getting worse and worse as the day goes on. I'm wearing my winter coat at my desk. Have been since about 10 am. And I am seriously freezing - still cold even with the coat on.
My throat was hurting a little bit when I woke up, then went away - and now is getting worse. It's hard to drink water.
I'm exhausted. It feels like bedtime, I have no energy.
Thankfully, I'm not nauseous at all. *knock on wood*
And I don't get off for another hour and a half. Ugh! Yesterday the day flew by - today it feels like I should have been going home about 3 hours ago.

Just needed a place to vent.


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